How to Ship a Beautifully Wrapped Gift

As most of you already know, I love to make beautifully wrapped gifts that are unique and wow the recipient. I feel that the presentation is part of the gift and makes people feel special when care is put into the decorating of the wrap. Shipping a beautifully wrapped gift box, however, where the bow stays pretty and the paper doesn’t get wrinkled is has always been a difficult task for me. I have always been worried that the gift will get mangled and decorations will pop off when they are stacked with other boxes and jostled about during the shipping process. I was able to put my mind at ease by developing a method for sending gifts through the mail that will ensure that they look as good upon arrival as they did when they started their journey.

This is what I came up with and it works every time.


  • Scotch® Mailing Box
  • Scotch® Packing Noodles
  • Scotch® Cushion Wrap
  • Scotch® Shipping Packaging Tape
  • Build a Scotch® Mailing Box slightly larger and deeper than the gift you wish to send and secure the bottom with Scotch® Shipping Packaging Tape. The mailing box should be several inches deeper than the gift so once the box is sealed the wrapped gift will have a few inches of air space from the top of the mailing box.
  • Cover the bottom of the box with a thin layer of Scotch® Packing Noodles.
  • Place the wrapped gift centered inside the shipping box. Loosely roll two tubes of Scotch® Cushion Wrap and tightly fit them on each side of the gift. Make sure the gift is wedged in place and will not move if the gift is tilted or turned on its side.
  • Add more Scotch® Packing Noodles above and below the wrapped box where it not protected by the bubble wrap rolls.
  •  Gently place a layer of Scotch® Cushion Wrap over the top of the gift to protect the pretty decorations.

  • Fold in the sides of the Scotch® Mailing Box and secure with Scotch® Shipping Packaging Tape.Your gift will arrive at its destination as beautiful as it was when it was first wrapped.

    For multiple gifts, use a larger box and make sure all of the gifts are wedged in place with bubble wrap so they do not move and they will arrive intact.
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