Bearing Gifts


You are never too old to get an adorable stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day especially if it is used to hold a gift. There is an abundance of cute plush friends in stores this time of year that would be perfect to use for this gift presentation. I used a bear with long arms and I added Velcro to the paws so they would lock together to hug present. I made the gift box reusable by decorating only the lid, accented with a pretty bow and a tiny bear to make it even more lovable.


Decorate the top of a cardboard jewelry box with a piece of decorative paper — I used cardstock weight scrapbooking paper and attached it with craft glue.  You can cover up a store logo printed on the lid with this technique. Make a decorative bow with ribbon (like the one I made here — click for instructions) and attach a fun accent piece.  The bear I used was from the baby shower section at the craft store and I added a rhinestone  heart to make it sweet.


Attach ribbon around the edge of the lid with craft glue to give the box a nice tailored look.


Find a stuffed animal with long arms and attach velcro on each of the paws. You can use peel and stick velcro or hand stitch it onto the paws to secure.

Place the box into the paws for a huggable gift presentation.

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