Mother’s Day Gift Guide

relaxing-gifts soothing-giftsSince Mother’s Day is creeping up on us (Sunday, May 12th), I thought I would show some gift ideas of things that I love and also give as gifts. I think soothing gifts are always nice because moms are so busy taking care of the kids, they never have time to slow down.  A spa treatment is a great present — it gives Mom an afternoon on her own to indulge in ultimate relaxation.  You could also give her some of these spa-inspired relaxation gifts so she can pamper herself at home.

A.  Coconut Milk Mango Candle from Anthropologie – $16.00

This soy based candle smells so delicious, I just want to eat it. I give these candles as gifts all the time and everyone asks me where I bought them because they want to get more. I also love the Avocado Mint scent.

B.  Bath Bombs from Lush – Price varies from about $5-6 each

These handmade bath bombs have an amazing scent for the ultimate bath experience. They are a bit pricey so I cut mine in half to get more value out of them. Lush has a large selection of bath bombs and fragrances to suit every mood.

C.  The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush  – $10.95

I love the scent of this bubble bar — I call it a jello bath because it is more of a fruity, black currant scent and reminds me of the Jello flavor I make for the kids. Just break off a small piece of the bar and crumble it into running water for an unbelievable display of purplish-pink bubbles to soothe away the day.

D.  Muted Tones and Soft Colors Gift Bag – Handmade

Create this easy to make gift bag to hold your relaxing Mother’s Day gifts — it is sure to bring a smile to her face. I believe that presentation is a big part of the gift.

E.  Tea Maker from Teavana – $19.95

Nothing is more soothing to me than a warm cup of tea after a long day. This tea maker looks like something that would be found in a mad scientist’s laboratory, but it actually steeps the perfect tea.

F.  Peach Herbal Tea from Teavana – $6.80

I love tea with peach flavors — I drink a least one cup of peach, ginger green tea a day. This tea is a fancy version of the type I get from the grocery store. It is a calming blend of peach and citrus. There a so many tea blends at Teavana so test them out to find the perfect one for the tea drinking mother in your life.

G. Flower Garden Gift Bag – Handmade

Here is another one of my easy to create gift bag designs that is a pretty way to give your Mother’s Day gifts. This would be especially nice for a mother who loves her flower garden.

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