End of the Year Teacher Gifts


Today was the last day of school so I wanted to give the teachers something nice to show my appreciation. In the past, I would buy Godiva truffles but since then, I have become known for my signature chocolate chunk, macadamia nut cookies. I thought it would make a nice gift with a personal touch for the teachers and the administration to give them fresh baked, straight from the oven, chocolate melted, cookies. I baked over 10 dozen cookies over the last few days. I also bought a few special items at Anthropologie and tucked them away in one of my signature gift bags (last seen here).


I like to put the cookies in these cute cookie sleeves when I give them as gifts.


I think a decorative journal and a deliciously scented soy candle makes a nice gift.


Even if  it isn’t used a journal, it would make a nice accent piece on a night stand.


This is one of my favorite go to gifts (last seen here).  I repeatedly get asked where I bought this candle. The scent is a delicious, yet not overpowering. I also love the avocado mint scent.


I love these decorative glass magnets. I think they make a perfect teacher gift. I like to give something useful but has a style with an artistic flair.


Upon seeing these magnets, my creative wheels started turning…I feel new decorative glass magnet craft projects coming in my near future.

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