Vacation Memory Jar

memory-jar-finalCherished times can be saved in memory jars created by your children. They will add an extra layer of excitement to their journey if they know they will be collected souvenirs from their trip or event to showcase in their miniature time capsules.

Here is a fun version of a memory jar I made with my kids to help them remember all of the fun they had at the beach.

Beach Getaway Memory Jar

jarsFind some jars from your kitchen, Wash and dry them, removing the labels and glue residue.

materials - Copy (2)

Have your children scour the sand for pieces of the ocean washed ashore to create your vacation memory jar. Print out a picture from your visit like running in the ocean, building sand castles, being buried in the sand, etc., the size to fit through the jar lid. I attached my picture to a short wooden stick with craft glue. I cut a piece of cardstock in the shape of waves and covered it with blue water-like paper.

starfishAdd dry sand to the bottom of the jar. Fit your picture, waves, starfish, shells and sea glass into the sand so it looks like your picture it is part of your little beach scene.


lidDecorate the lid with natural colored raffia and shells. Print out the location and date of your visit and attach it to your precious time capsule.

Memory-Jar-VideoHere is a video I created demonstrating how to make the memory jar. I created this design for the August/September 2013 issue of Working Mother Magazine.

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