Paper Towel Roll Pillow Boxes

I love to find interesting and inexpensive ways to wrap gifts. There are so many items that can be found around the house to use to create unique gift wrap. Reused paper towel, wrapping paper tubes and even toilet paper rolls can be used to make pillow boxes accented with items you have on-hand. Scraps of ribbon, buttons, newspaper and anything else you have laying around can create there fun little pillow boxes. Small gifts or candy can be placed in these adorable and easy to make treasures.

These can easily be created by cutting the size of the tube desired and press in the ends to create a pillow box. Use yarn, buttons, fabric and anything else of interest to wrap around the tube and glue. Just be creative and have fun. Insert the gift and use tape to seal each end to secure the gift inside.

I have a lot of fun making these pillow boxes and it is a good time to start creating them so they are ready for you when it is time to give a small gift.

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